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Frequently Asked Questions

My Account

The best way for you to update your subscription is to reach out to our Sales team at: Sales@estify.com. It will help us contact you faster if you include the best time and method to reach you.

Log into your Estify portal. On the main Dashboard, you will see all of your current and past uploads. If you hover over the ellipses under the ‘Status’ column, you can see the status of any given upload.

Log into your Estify account, click on the green Gear icon on the left-hand side of the screen, and click on the Account Details tab. You will see an option to reset your password there.

In the login screen, click on ‘Forgot your Password?’ link. Enter your email and click on ‘Reset my password’ button. Enter code received in email, and enter new password and confirm password. Click on ‘Change Password’ button to confirm password change. You will then be redirected to login page.

The best way to have a question answered about your bill is to e-mail our Billing team at: Billing@estify.com. It will help us contact you faster if you include the best time and method to reach you.

About Estify

That depends on how you submit the files to us!

  • If you send us an estimate of record on Day 1 that we complete and return to you, and send us Supplement 1 for that same estimate on Day 2 for us to complete, you will be charged for each upload (Estimate of Record and Supplement 1).
  • If you send us an estimate that ALREADY has a supplement written into it, we will enter in both the estimate and the supplement at the same time, and you will only be charged for the single upload (no additional charge for the supplement). You will not receive the un-supplemented file.

While the site works on most common browsers, we recommend Google Chrome for the best experience

More Questions?

You can send any kind of request to sales@estify.com ; we will direct it to the appropriate party and get your questions answered!

  • E-mail: Support@estify.com
  • Chat: Click on the Chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of the website
  • Phone: 1-888-708-4950 – Option 1


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